Tall Tape Tape Measure

FACT: Bigger is better

Some may say size isn’t everything, but as a general rule the bigger something is the more impressed people will be. Whether it’s bigger muscles, bigger car engine, bigger house or bigger computer processing power, people are always bowled over by the size of something.

Fishing is all about the size of the catch

There is no truer example of “BIG MATTERS” than in the sport of fishing. Just ask any fisherman who has spent hours of solitary disappointment on the banks of a lake, only to return home with a picture of a fish that measures no more than a few inches long. What’s more, when a fisherman does catch a fish of a decent size it never looks as big in the picture!

Nobody Ever Believes You Anyway!

Nobody ever believes you when you demonstrate the size of your catch with a hand measurement, “It was at least this big”, you explain, “Yeah right, whatever”, they mumble as they walk away chuckling. And let’s face it, the fish wasn’t really that big anyway, was it? We all like to exaggerate our catch a little bit, and surely that’s okay considering all the hours we spend at the lake.

The Proof is in the Picture

But what if you didn’t have to fib anymore, what if your catches were all measured to look bigger than they actually were and backed up with photographic evidence? Then it wouldn’t really be fibbing, just a slight stretching of the truth, right? Is this even possible? Yes, but not without the Tall Tale Tape Measure!

The Art of Fibbing Without Fibbing…

The Tall Tale Tape Measure adds 33% more Length, Width or Girth to your catch, so as long as your friends and family don’t compare your ‘Tall Tale Tape Measure’ to a regular tape measure your fib will remain a secret, forever.

Expand Your Life Not Just a Fish

The ‘Tall Tale Tape Measure’ doesn’t just stop at making fish appear bigger. If you are a gym goer then why not expand your biceps and fool your friends, if you are a keen gardener measure your vegetables and impress your neighbors – whenever you want to prove something is bigger than it really is, just whip out your Tall Tale Tape Measure.

The Ultimate Fisherman’s Gift

If you know someone who likes fishing and you want to buy a practical, funny and inexpensive present for them then look no further than the Tall Tale Tape Measure. Better still, if you are a fisherman yourself then you have an opportunity to buy the world’s best kept fishing secret!

No Tackle Box Should Be Without One

The Tall Tale Tape Measure makes your fish look bigger, so when your fish aren’t representing your rod skills, just apply the Tall Tale Tape Measure and photograph your newly enlarged catch for evidence. Never again will your friends dispute the size of your catch.

Apply Extra Inches to Anything

The Tall Tale Tape Measure isn’t exclusive to fishing – you can enlarge any aspect of your life to fool friends and family. The Tall Tale Tape Measure makes for a fantastic birthday present or stocking filler for both kids and adults. The fun never stops when you can back up exaggeration with evidence! Beat your best friend’s record catch instantly by applying the Tall Tale Tape Measure and start adding 33% more Length, Width or Girth to anything that you measure today. All you have to do is make sure you keep this secret closely guarded and away from standard tape measures. This also makes the perfect gift for any fisherman in your life.


Dear Fish Fib,
I’ve had my Fish Fib tape for over a year and it is still providing riotous fun!
I have tricked people over and over making things grow and shrink right before their eyes. It’s handy too!
Nick *tri*

Introduction Special: Free First Class shipping to the U.S.


    • Side 1: Normal 38″ Tape Measure
    • Side 2: Exaggerated “Tall Tale” Tape Measure Each “Inch” is actually only 3/4 of an Inch, so everything you measure will look 33% bigger
    • Material: Tyvek®
    • Made in the USA

    Fisherman or practical joker, the ‘Tall Tale Tape Measure’ makes a great practical gift or personal accessory. Great fun at a very reasonable price, only 5.95

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